Monday, May 4, 2009

Pieces of me

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Being a young adult, I've been here a short time. But from the day my life began, knowingly and unknowingly, I've learned things. Some of these lessons have brought me wisdom, luck and fortune, while others brought misery and pain. And yet all that I learned, which at first seemed destructive and disheartening, later turned out to have deeper meanings- blessings in disguise. They taught me that I had more to learn. They gave me wisdom and helped me judge situations with a wider perspective and a more experienced mind.

My enemies, I know are my best friends, because through them I've learned that I am no saint. You need two people for a conversation so you sure as heck need two people to start a fight. Feuds and disputes- it's a two sided affair! Love, hate, its all the same story, so never blame the other, because every time you point a finger, there are always three fingers pointing right back at you!!! There is no denying it, nobody is perfect. Perfection, in its fullest meaning, can never be attained.

Whenever I have a misunderstanding with another, whoever it may be and however much pride I have inside, there is always a feeling of hurt and guilt. I know, had I been a better person, I could have prevented an unnecessary dispute. I eventually learn to value people more, and realize that human nature is too complicated for even the most advanced human mind, so there is no reason for me to be proud. If someone picks a fight with you, turn around and walk away. There is dignity in walking away peacefully rather than proving yourself right- it could never be cowardly.

Friends and family will always mean the world to you, those two, whatever the costs, the utmost effort will be made on our part to protect them, even if it means sacrificing that which is most precious to us.

Failures are the pillars of success. Never ever be disheartened when things go wrong, because it's never the end. The show must always go on. Learn from your mistakes, those lessons you can never forget. Never question your abilities. Everyone is special in their own ways.

I've never given up on my dreams, they mean too much to me, that's why no one can ever put me down, however hard they try. I am strong and my will power, I know will get met past every obstacle! Fight for what you believe is right, because your heart can never lead you astray, it knows you too well.

Never forget who you are, because if you do, the past will come back to haunt you. Never change yourself for others, you were meant to be who you are. You are unique in every way- no one can ever replace you.

At the end of the day I know my place is with God, and so I have learned to ignore people's comments, but good advice should never be missed out on. If people try to put you down, just walk on by, don't turn around, you only have to answer to yourself. As long as your conscience is clear, everything will be fine. Learn to listen, it's a gift most of us never use. There is a lot to learn in the words of others.

I've learned not to depend on people too much because God gifted me with the elements to help me stand on my own. And yet it is perfectly alright to ask for or lend a helping hand, because we are all human. Never be afraid to cry, its not a sign of weakness, instead it tells me that you are brave enough to show your face to the world in good times and bad.

Have confidence in yourself, but never think too much of yourself either, because in God's eyes you're no better than a pauper. Always remember there are people better than you. At the same time never be ungrateful, value everything you have, there are people who are worse off than you.

In every situation be practical and logical. Comprehend the situation and be down to earth. Think not only of yourself, take into consideration the view and plight of others - everyone has something at stake. Selfish, self-centered people, always end up in situations where eventually frustration gets the better of them and they end up at a loss. Evil can never prevail, because we are always fighting to right the wrongs.

I try not to jump to a conclusion or judge a book by its cover, but being human I tend to err, I fall prey to my temptations- the need to be like others and fit in. My weaknesses get the better of me, and I am influenced by the devil and the desire. There are times, when all that I've learned is just flushed down the drain. And by thought, words and deeds, I deprive people of their rights, I hurt their feelings, I make a mess of a perfectly good situation, but above all I hurt myself. Guilt takes over and it seems that everything falls apart! Its just that in my head, emotions and thoughts run wild, and the whole world starts spinning.

But there is one thing that I have never done and that is tell the people close to me that I love them. I've been almost ashamed to express my feeling to those who mean the most to me. Its crazy, I know, but that is just how things are. I am still confused and I wish I could be myself. I wish I could express what is in my heart and yet, the part of me that wishes to be a tough guy, always seems to get the better of me. Never make that mistake, life is too short, so make the best of it and make sure that you appreciate everyone who's made your stay here a memorable one.

Have faith in God. Your life is in His hands, whatever happens, it's always for your good. I guess, we've all learned these lessons, yet we tend to forget them. We have become so absorbed in this materialistic world that we've forgotten our priorities. It is human to err, but it is possible to be alert and remember that we have no right to deprive others of their right. We live in one world, so we have to learn to share. If we took away the "selfishness" and "greed" that exists, the equation of life would be complete.

Berkorban Demi Cinta - Hijjaz

Bermula gemilang cahaya
Petunjuk pimpinan yang Esa
Menempuh jalan hidup di dunia
Cabaran yang silih berganti
Dugaan mematangkan diri
Mengajar erti hidup ini

Berjuang berkorban demi cinta
Suka dan duka suratanNya
Mengenal makna jalan bahagia

Masa yang silih berlalu
Semakin hampir saat itu
Ya Tuhan tunjukkan
Moga selamat bersamaMu

Biarpun bersama kekurangan
Namun bersyukur kurniaan Tuhan
Iman di hati sabar menjadi pemujuk diri
DenganMu ku punyai segala
Tak kan beruntung seisi dunia
Limpah kurniakan petunjuk bantuan
Tempuh hari yang mendatang

Sisa hidup ini tak kan terbuang lagi
Setiap detik masa dalam amalan jua
Jangan dipisahkan denganMu kebahgiaan

Semoga dengan ini jambatan menemui
Cinta yang sejati
Itu yang abadi

Berjuang mencari iman taqwa
Perisai menempuh pancaroba
Penentu tempat rahmat bahagia
Seiring teman dan saudara
Pimpinan tauladan baginda
Ya Tuhan bantulah
Moga selamat selamanya

والله علم
والسلام عليكم

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