Friday, November 20, 2009

Learn To Fly

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I was once a small tiny pigeon
Slowly growing, honing skills and experience
To fly as spectacular as an eagle

Strolling down my memory lane
Recollecting the bitter sour from the past
So that it will become sweet in the future
the Petronas pre-departure program
Soaring the Eagle
and the re-orientation program
The Performing Eagle
Heeding the call and the challenge

I've soared high
After flying high and low
And falling many times
Now it's time not just to soar
As high as the swallows 
But it's time to perform
As magnificent as the eagle
The Performing Eagle

When you feel the dream is over
Feel the world is on your shoulders
And you lost the strength to carry on
Even though the walls may crumble
And you find you always stumble through
Remember never to surrender to the dark
Because if you turn another page
You will see that’s not the way
The story has to end

And if you need to find a way back
Feel you’re on the wrong track
Give it time, you’ll learn to fly
Tomorrow is a new day
And you will find your own way
You’ll be stronger with each day that you cry
Then you’ll learn to fly

In your head, so many questions
The truth is your possession
The answer lies within your heart (within your heart)
You will see the doors are open
If you only dare to hope
And you will find a way to fight
The fears that kept you down
Because if you turn another page
You will see that’s not the way
The story has to end

Looking at your situation
There’s so much that you can do
Now’s the time to make your stand
This is just an observation
In the end it’s up to you
The future’s in your hands

Give it time
Then you’ll learn to fly

والله علم 
والسلام عليكم

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