Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A minute to ponder and think

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Lots of things happened lately, slowly affecting, if not changing myself and my surroundings. However 'kudos' to ustaz hensem for giving me such a simple piece of advice- Sabor Imran. Senyum je dan jangan lupa baca bismillah.

Sounds simple but how far can we heed to this advice? How many times do we forget to make intention properly with bismillah in every single thing that we do? How long can we smile when the going gets tougher, when things are just not going your way or not following your own realm?

Well let's not talk about my problems, that's so selfish of me I reckon'. Let's talk about OUR problem together. Do we realize that we do a lot of unnecessary things in our life? And why do I start raising this question? because I'm getting very annoyed with majority Malaysians driving on the road at night with his/her fog lights on.

That picture above clearly shows the fog light of the lovely sizzling hot Stream RSZ  (just a courtesy picture for those who might not know what a fog light is). Yes in Malaysia, whenever a car has fog lights equipped with them, that means the car is usually a higher spec and not a lower spec (spec = specification) and higher spec means more expensive obviously.

The thing is that there must be a reason why it is called a FOG LIGHT. It is meant to be used when driving in foggy condition or when it was raining so badly in such that the visibility is plain terrible. So why do almost all Malaysians driving on the road use the fog lights every time when they are driving at night??????? It's not even fogging or raining for God's sake and I can even see quite clearly/slightly (not very clear though) without wearing my glasses.

Then only I start to think- is that a kind of way to tell everyone "Hey, look at my fog lights. This is a higher spec car/vehicle wooo... very expensive wooo". Duhh.. stop showing off. Trust me, the glare is just so annoying when you are driving and you encountered such cars turning on their fog light. Sometimes I felt sorry as well "Kesian derang ni, tak tau fog light ni untuk apa agaknya..".Then I start to think one step further. This is just one very small example that we do things unnecessarily in our lives.

We as the servant of God, the 'abdullah, we are called in such a way for some specific reason. We are called al-insan for some specific reason. We are called khalifaturrohman for some specific reason. BUT we do lots of things that are NOT necessary given the purpose of our life based on the definition of those terms I've mentioned previously. Think big and act small. I believe many of us will agree to my statement that we did a lot of unnecessary things in our lives, and please stop justifying every single action that you do. We should learn to evaluate/muhasabah based on facts/figures/al-kitab and not to justify things based on our needs, emotion and desire.

So why do I bother writing this at such time when I'm supposed to be doing something else? To remind me especially about my purpose of life. Imran, stop doing unnecessary things in your life. They might be important or good but they might not be a necessity for us. Just like in my previous post about the chess game. Focus and stop doing unnecessary things in your life. Enough of ramblings and rattlings. Back to work.
 ~Jangan lupa baca bismillah dan senyum~ustaz hensem 2010

والله علم
والسلام عليكم


Muhammad Hussaini Khairudin said...

Haha ustaz ensem...

Imran Razali said...

nak wat cane akhi.. dah mmg id dia hensem hahaha

ammar Roslizar said...

ustaz tu pun suke gelakkan ana bila ana cite apa2
n of coz,
itu lah katanya
'kita kena boleh gelak waktu2 camni'

semoga kita ikhlas dan beramal